Wk 15 Art Activity: Finger painting


I actually began this assignment doing exactly what the post had asked for. I did not mean for it to be a representational painting in any way. I began by just simply making swirls with the colors. It was actually a very relaxing experience. I used to finger paint all the time when I was younger and I forgot how much I loved it. It was so easy to just get paint and just feel the smoothness of the paint across the paper. Although it was really relaxing, it was so hard to not have a subject and this is what eventually not thinking turned into, or maybe thinking too much subconsciously. I actually think this might be something I could end up doing on a normal day basis. It was really soothing.

This was much easier compared to Graffiti Writing. Although this turned out to actually be representational regardless of intentions of it not being, it came naturally and the process was smooth and uncomplicated. On the other hand, with the graffiti writing, I had expectations. Which made it actually kind of made it feel more “work-ish” than “art-like”.

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