E.C. Feedback

  1. 3 Favorite Activities
    • Automatic Drawing
    • sketching in the Garden
    • Zines & Flipbooks
  2. 3 Least Favorite Activities
    • Art Care Package
    • Vlogs
    • Instagram
  3. I personally really like the hybrid form. It was nice to actually have some face to face time with the professor as well as having more time during the week to get other things done. I also really liked having the ability to turn in assignments via the internet instead of having to turn in a hard copy.
  4. I really enjoyed the artist conversations. I liked looking at their art and being able to chat with them. The essays involved were a little extensive but nothing hard. It was also nice to actually take some time to really reflect and place yourself in someone else’s feet and perspective, in this case, the artist. The classmate conversations were also nice and an initiative to step out of my comfort zone and meet people that I would have otherwise not met. I personally liked the bigger classmate conversations a little more than the one on one.
  5. I thought the weekly blog posts were really nice also. Given that it is a hybrid class and that there are not actual assignments being turned in, I really enjoyed looking at the work that other classmates did. It made the hybrid class still feel intimate and we would see more of one another.
  6. I definitely think that having an ePortfolio is important and I’m glad that it was reiterated throughout the course. I honestly think that having WordPress really made me more comfortable with having a “website” and being able to post and rearrange the look of it. I think that after this class, I will definitely make this web page into an ePortfolio and begin uploading work and projects that I have done for my major.
  7. I actually really enjoyed the art discussion videos. I wish that there was a more organized response or research that needed to be answered because it was hard to respond to fellow classmates since it seemed as if it was just a summary of the video.


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