Wk 14 Art Activity- Instagram

I am an avid Instagram user. It is actually the primary form of social  media that I use. I personally love pictures so I enjoy seeing people’s lives through photographic depictions rather than just a simple “post” or “tweet”. I think that one of the cool things about Instagram too is that it brings out your artsy side trying to fit a picture of something perfectly in a box that would be the most aesthetic. While scrolling through the Art 110 hashtag, I was very intrigued by everyone’s posts. The only ones that seemed to deem any similarity or seemed to connect the hashtag together were the pictures that were taken at CSULB. I think other than that it feels in a way disconnected but not in a negative aspect. I think it shone light onto everyone’s unique daily experience. Everyone is always doing something different, or even if it’s similar it is usually portrayed in a different manner. It is also important to remember that what you see on Instagram is plainly what the user is choosing to share and that there’s a much more complex being and life behind a simple profile and compilation of photographs. fullsizerender-10

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