Wk 12 Artist Conversation Feat. Sage Garver

Exhibition Information
Sage Garver
Exhibition: BIO
Media: Mixed media sculpture, metal
Gallery: Dutzy-Gallery
Website/Instagram: n/a

About the Artist
Sage Garver is an undergraduate student at CSULB’s school of art. She is currently a senior and only a semester away from receiving her BFA in sculpture. Garver has always been interested in biology and science due to her being sickly as a child. Being sick as a child might have also prompted her interest in the arts as well. She explained that sometimes she would feel too sick to really do anything but art always found a way to soothe her and make her feel productive. Garver states that she enjoys sculpting because of the tangible characteristics of the piece compared to a 2D piece.

Formal Analysis

The exhibition was primarily white. The walls were all white as well as the sculptures mounted against it. The white sculptures on the white walls were a variety of different shapes. Some were simple circles and others were a more complex filled with crista. Most of these sculptures mounted on the wall had some resemblance to the organelles one would find in a simple cell. In the center of the exhibition, there was a crystal orb hanging. The crystal sculpture looked jagged and resembled a diamond in the rough. It was primarily a silver gray but reflected vibrant pastel hues. Along with this sculpture, there was a variety of gold chains intertwined and hanging from the ceiling.

Content Analysis

Garver wanted to create an autobiographical experience about the illness that she has experienced throughout her life. The white walls and white sculptures mounted are used to create the idea that the sculptures are growing out of the wall and that they are in unison rather than two different beings. Garver explained that the surfaces of the gallery wall are meant to represent the surface of the human body. The white color of the gallery is a representation of homeostasis of the body, ‘neutrality’ as Garver calls it. The sculptures that are mounted on the white wall, on the other hand, are mutations that affect this neutrality of the homeostatic body. These patterns are the symptoms and complications that arise from an illness. The mounting is simply a reminder to the viewer of the integration of the sickness and the human body.

Synthesis/My Experience 

When I walked into the gallery I was intrigued by the intricate designs of the sculptures. Allow the designs looked simple from afar, when coming close the detailing is really remarkable. I was instantly attracted to the white on white color of the gallery. The white allowed the viewer to focus simply on the sculptures shape and design and not focus just on the color. After talking to Garver and reading her description of the gallery, I instantly thought of myself. I have an autoimmune disease and it was really interesting to be able to look at a gallery and see it as me. I definitely understand where Garver is coming from in her display. Although Garver seems to express frustration of these abnormalities and disease symptoms, I gravitated more to a different approach. Although all of these sculptures were mounted against the wall to signify disease, there was a beautiful crystal piece that was vibrant with color in the center of the room. That core of the exhibition seems to me as if it is the core of the human body. As long as ones aura and persona continues to shine, any biological deviances should not prevent us from shining.


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