Wk 11-Artist Conversation Feat. Erika Perez

Name: Erika Perez
Major: Film
2nd year, sophomore

This week I got to meet Erika Perez. She was sweet enough to stay a little bit later after class normally ends since I was running really late from work. Erika is a film major. Currently, she is focused on the more business side of the film major. She has a concentration production management. She does not know if this is ultimately what she wants to do. She still wants to experiment with being behind the camera and actually produce film and videos and see if maybe this is her calling.

After talking a little bit about school and getting to know each other, we talked about the Question of the Week. We discussed fan art and Demi Lovato’s response to some fan art that was made of her. Erika was explaining to me that she thought fan art is really cool because it shows admiration towards the subject. She believes that Lovato’s negative response to a fan’s fan art of herself was rude. Lovato was upset because the fan made her “curvier” and “bustier” than she actually is. Erika states that it was actually a little bit mean because fan art does not mean it has to look identical to the subject. Like any art, the subject does not have to be literally represented, rather just an individual’s depiction.


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