Wk 10-Art Activity- Fiber Art Social Network


The Fiber Art Social Network was a really interesting reflection art activity. It was really fun to see all of our classmates on the wall and connect ourselves via the yarn. Really makes you think about who and how you make someone a “friend”.

Discussion Questions: 

  1. I think Social Network is actually a tool that helps you connect with people in cyberspace. It is true that I do have some of my closest friends and family on there but I do not use social media as a regular form of contact with them. Mostly, i use it to keep up with news and people that I do not care enough to send out a text or a call too.
  2. I think Dunbar’s number does make sense. If anything, I think it might actually be a little over-estimated. I was reflecting on people who have genuinely made a difference in my life and who I care about regardless of where life has taken us. When I did this reflection I think I counted around 30 people.
  3. I think the 1,000 friends on Facebook are definitely not “friends”. I think these are just people that you meet and think “Oh! They’re nice, maybe we will make a friendship in the future” and then turns out you never talk again because you both have your own lives and will never really make time for a real physical relationship.
  4. When working on the Social Network connection, I do realize that sometimes I call people “my friend” or feel like I “know” them. But when putting thought and reflection into it, I could only count my true best friends on both my hands. Also, even the people that I knew outside of Art 110, I would not necessarily consider friends, they are equally as much as the people that I have met throughout the semester (with classmate conversations). I think in life we make a lot of connections with people and it is important. Life is about networking and that a lot of what this project is. Not every person I meet needs to be a friend.
  5. I think my Personal Number would probably be 30. I think that is sufficient close relationships to have a variety of people who I get along with in different areas. The quantity people that I have in my life right now that I consider having a personal  relationship with is absolutely perfect (as stated in question 2) and I would not have it any other way.
  6. I definitely have more friends on social networks than I actually consider my friends. Interestingly, I’ve made a lot of personal friendships through these not so friends. (that is confusing). But I would get invited to so and so’s party and meet someone that I totally vibe with and ta-dah! Just like magic, someone who did not have any “friend” value to me just provided me a friend! A lot of these “friends” are also college peers, who provide me with help on courses as well as being good mentors.

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