Wk 8 Classmate Convo Feat. Ruiwen Lin

Name: Riuwen Lin
Major: Chemical Engineering
Year 4.

I met Riuwen at the Japanese Garden at school. She was really friendly and we had a great chat. As a general ice breaker we talked about school. She explained to me that her major is chemical engineering. She said that the reason that she chose that was because she is really good at chemistry but always wanted to be an engineer. She figured that maybe the best way to put her passion and strengths all in one was to simply merge a major. She wants to hopefully work in the environmental area with her degree.

We also spoke regarding a couple questions of the week. We talked about whether or not we would support our kids if they chose to follow a career in the arts. Riuwen said that she, of course, would support them! She said that they have their own lives and passions and that she is no one to stop them from doing what they truly love. She wants her future kids to not be afraid to be themselves and to follow their goals and aspirations.

I also thought that the comparing our apps question would be interesting. We actually had a lot of the same ones. Most of them primarily social media apps, and the general iPhone apps. What I found interesting was that she had around 4 different apps that were in Chinese! She told me that she was a fluent Mandarin speaker. Although I did not understand anything from the app, the graphics and design were so cute and cartoon like. It was very different from the normal apps here.


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