Wk 8 Art Activity- Sketching!

This art activity taught me a lot more than probably the rest of my classmates. I went and I drew and I was thinking how fun and relaxing it was. I was so excited I sent a quick picture to my boyfriend of my quick sketches (which I was most proud of my little duck). I went on to do a longer sketch of the fish and one of the ducks since I had liked how my quick sketch came out. They came out great! And here I am Sunday night, writing my blog posts only to realize that I lost my sketchbook. I do not know where I left it or what I did to it. I learned my lessons. To be more attentive of my belongings and to not procrastinate. Because if I would have not waiting until last minute, I would have been able to possibly recreate my other sketches.

Regardless of my carelessness, I really liked the tip of not using the eraser when sketching. I actually think that they extra lines and circles or what not gives the drawing a very textured look. It was my first time going to the Japanese Garden in my 3 years at CSULB so it was nice to see something beautiful that my school has to offer.

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