Wk 5 Art Activity: Grafitti Writing


I was out cold with the flu this weekend, so unfortunately, I did not get to go and explore Venice and do this activity there. But I went ahead and used one of my garage walls to attempt at graffiti writing, and it was not as easy as I thought. I had the hardest time pressing down on the can. Maybe this was due to being weak because of the flu. It made me appreciate the amazing graffiti art that’s out on the streets much more. I consider myself to have very nice writing, but my graffiti writing says otherwise. Nevertheless, it was a fun activity and I was able to put some color in a dull portion of my house. My parents even decided that they want all family members to make a mark on the wall, whether their name or anything else and make it a signature wall.  I might just paint over this first attempt and try to make it better next time. Maybe 2nd time will be the charm for me, right?


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