Wk 3 ClassMate Conversation Feat. Giancarlo Vento

Name: Giancarlo Vento
Major: Business
Year 3.
Wordpress: (couldn’t find on the roster)

When walking through the art galleries on Wednesday, Giancarlo approached me to say hi. We actually both went to the same middle school in Downey and had not talked to each other since then. It was a really good opportunity to catch up with one another and see what we had been up to in the past 8+ years.

Gian is currently working in Real Estate, primarily because his parents and a lot of his family have been in that field for as long as he could remember. He is not too sure what he wants to do for a career in the future but he is really considering staying in real estate and using his knowledge of business to make a more progressive career for himself. He definitely wants to be in the financial sector of business.

Since there wasn’t a question of the week that we were aware of at the time, we just had friendly conversation regarding our school life and what we did during summer. Gian happened to go to Mexico during the summer with his family and enjoy some sun. He also used the time to work and to hang out with his friends.



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