Wk 2: Classmate Discussion feat. Megan Salinas

Name: Megan Salinas
Major: Kinesiology
Year 3.

I actually met Megan the first day of class last year very quickly. This week I walked into class right on time and the first available seat was the one next to her, which in turn resulted in a nice conversation that let me get to know her a little bit better. She told me that she wants to become a personal trainer in the future because of her interest in sports, specifically basketball!

In regards to the question of the week, Megan had some very interesting opinions. We discussed the importance of art in todays world and in our lives specifically. Megan explained that she believes that art is important in the world but not necessarily in her life. She explained that to begin with, art is a source of income for a lot of people. It is a huge industry that covers a lot of different areas. Furthermore, art is a very important emotional outlet for artists. She said that a lot of people find their so called “escape” through art and use it as a way to convey their message and ideas to the public. We dove deeper into the importance of art in her life and she decided that in fact it is important, specifically the music area of the arts. She says that it has really influenced her life. It also is just something that she believes that she and the majority of people use on a day to day basis. Listening to music in a way is like a necessity.

Unfortunately, Megan was in a rush to get to a meeting right after the class and we didn’t remember to take a picture together, but I emailed her and she was able to send me a picture of herself.


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