Art Activity: Landscape with a Corpse

Landscape with a Corpse

I had quite a difficult time with this activity. Like Izima Kaoru states the brief trailer for his documentary, I too am a bit uncomfortable with the idea of death. I am a very emotional and idealistic person. I tend to try to brush aside the thoughts that death is inevitable. So having to think of a way to die was actually kind of hard. Although I knew this was just an activity, it was a little out of my comfort zone. So instead of taking a very serious approach, I actually thought about how clumsy I am. If i was to die at this age it would probably involve falling. I always am tripping or falling off of things. In my “death” depicted here, I imagined myself reading a book and falling off of the bench, resulting in a very strong hit to the head.

I actually thought it was quite entertaining after I took a more joke-full approach. My boyfriend who took the pictures actually could not stop laughing because according to him “this is unfortunately something that would actually happen to me”.


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