Plaster Casting 

After work Saturday morning, I decided that I was gonna take the trip to the beach and do something new (although it was homework). Knowing that I was going to need help, I decided to bring my parents to help me with my project like back in the elementary school days. I had to read that directions multiple times before I understood how I was going to make the mold. I started digging holes for the molds but I the current rose and made sure to wash away the molds. Second time around, I chose the right location for the mold which resulted in my plaster casting results! I got more finger details on my hand cast compared to that of my foot which doesn’t really have any toe differentiation other than for the big toe. I even had enough plaster left over which I played around with and made a heart shape which is depicted on top of the bucket. Unfortunately, I forgot the brush at home and didn’t get the chance to brush off the sand when the pictures were taken. It turned out to be a really cool experience, where I got to do something outside of my art comfort zone. 


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