Wk 1: Classmate Conversation Feat. Raul Silva

Name: Raul Silva
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Today I had the opportunity to meet Raul Silva. Raul is currently studying to be a mechanical engineer and is a sophomore at CSULB. The reason for which he is taking this art course is mainly to fulfill his GE requirements. Something interesting that I learned about Raul is that he was actually not really into music until recently. He stated that even if he were to have gone on a long road trip, he would not listen to music. Recently though, Raul said that he got into music because of homework. He tends to listen to rap primarily, although is open to different types of music. His favorite artist at the moment would either be G-Easy or Mac Miller, both whom are rap artists. Raul’s favorite G-Easy song is called ‘Marylin’, which actually is one of G-Easy’s less “rap-ish” songs. When asked about Mac Miller, Raul said that if he had to choose a favorite song he would actually choose ‘Diablo’.


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